Quarantine Hobbies

What I do when your civic duty is to stay away from everything fun. — Griffin

Self-quarantine is awful, everyone knows that. So you’re looking for something to pass the time in between working, studying, and sleeping. Well, I got a couple things I have been doing lately that may inspire you to stop watching Tik-Toks all day.

Surfing is an awesome hobby I picked up about 3 months ago. Most people surfing are naturally a good distance away from each other so they don’t collide so social distancing won’t be a problem! I live on the East coast of Florida where the water is warm and the waves are small, perfect for learning on. I surf about twice a week and I just recently have started to stand up on the board consistently, so it is definitely not an easy thing to learn. Despite the difficulty surfing has been one of the most enjoyable pastimes of my summer. The gradual improvement day to day is noticeable giving you that great sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the wonders surfing a couple days a week does for your pecs, triceps, and back. Paddling out is definitely the hardest part of surfing so if you’re a good swimmer you’ll have an edge on learning how to surf. My friends Nick and Basford showed me the ropes of surfing so having some friends out there with you can go a long way in the learning process. While surfing is very fun, it relies on mother nature to create the right conditions for you to enjoy yourself.

Board game nights are a great way to enjoy yourself and keep your social gathering small. I have been doing this a lot, having a few friends over to play smaller board games. I have been playing Lords of Vegas recently, if you like monopoly but think its too slow then LoV is the game for you. I have also been playing a lot of Inis a board game similar to risk but, again its a faster pace. So if you like Risk and want to try some board games you might like Inis. If you aren’t comfortable with smaller social gathering I have heard Tabletop Simulator is actually a really enjoyable way to play games online. I have watches the Yogscast play some board games with it and it appears to be well developed. The only reason I haven’t picked it up myself is each game costs an extra $20 on top of the price of Tabletop Simulator and I believe each player has to buy that extra. You might be better off splitting the price of the physical copy.

Speaking of friends in a virtual setting, something I have been enjoying a lot lately is Trouble in Terrorist Town. I was inspired by the aforementioned Yogscast, it is one of their more popular series. The game is quite simple. You have a group of people, a small minority of them are bad guys, the rest are good guys. However only one good guy, the detective, is publicly known to be good. Every other good guy only knows 2 things: the detective is innocent and I am innocent. It is also a first person shooter, but because of the nature of the game reflexes and aim are less important. It is an investment of time to be able to play and enjoy. It took me roughly 6 hours to learn how to set-up a server, download the correct files, and collect the mods that would make the game more interesting and fun. But once you get your server up and running and some friends playing man its a good time. My friends and I have been playing this about 2-4 times a week for the past couple months during quarantine. You can easily get new maps and weapons to play with through the Steam workshop so the game always feels fresh.

Now TTT is by no means a competitive game, it is extremely casual. However I have seen a rising popularity in online competitive games such as: Rainbow 6 Siege, CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, and Warzone. I got a confession, I’m not super into any of these games. Mainly because I am really bad at them. I know all you have to do is click on the enemies heads but jeez is it frustrating to miss. Even so, I still have a good time with friends playing these games. I have been mostly playing R6 with friends, but we are going to start picking up Valorant as well. As with surfing, you can see yourself improve with these competitive games. In a way its actually more rewarding because the game gives you a rank that you can use to see exactly how much better you have gotten.

Of course my most recent hobby/activity is writing this blog. I created it because I am a poor writer who needs practice and I thought I have an interesting and relatable experience with this global pandemic. I was actually surprised to see people finding and exploring the site so quickly.

I am also studying chemistry a little and researching Brown and AFROTC, but in terms of fun you have heard most of my activities for the week. –Griffin

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