Planning Travel During a World Pandemic

Planning a high school graduation trip in the era of Covid — Griffin

Back in the Fall of 2019 I started planning a Summer vacation with my friends. I have been to Europe 4 times before and they were all eager for me to lead them on their first journey into the cultural enrichment that is a European tour. Then some Chinese dude ate a bat or something and we never got to travel. However we haven’t given up hope on a great graduation trip we just couldn’t do it in the Summer of 2020.

Europe is a fantastic place to visit. Unlike America where everything was built in the past 500 years, Europe is much much older. European cities normally have an old town center that are smaller than a medieval looking town square and around that center are the more modern buildings. While in America most cities don’t have the history to have a classic old town center. In Florida you can drive 7 hours and still be in Florida. You drive 7 hours in Europe, you could pass through 3 or 4 countries that all speak different languages. The amount of culture and history in a place that diverse is mind blowing. I have seen the Spanish forts in Florida, namely St. Augustine, they pale in comparison to the castles you can see in Germany and Austria. The superiority of European culture can be seen in one simple statement, the drinking age is 13. Now it’s not that young universally across Europe, but in Germany kids can start drinking very low alcohol content beverages at 13. 

Me (Griffin) roughly 2 years ago in a section of the Opera House in Paris. Yes it is all gold, real gold.

Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Those are the 5 countries I have been to. Bringing the boys to Paris and showing them the sheer size of the Louvre would have been magnificent and I still haven’t given up on that dream. We started planning to go this Winter. However I don’t think the travel ban will be lifted by this Winter and I also don’t want to miss seeing my family for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas going to Europe in the Winter is legendary for two reasons. First, I am a Florida boy so snow is not a thing that happens here, winter isn’t even something that happens here. Second, Christmas markets. What is a Christmas market you ask? It is similar to a fair except everyone is selling either food, drink, or hand crafted gifts/things. At bigger cities like Paris there are also booths selling lighters and stuff you could get on Amazon, which is kinda lame but the other booths are awesome. I don’t know why but Nutella is huge in Europe, for example some places by default use Nutella instead of chocolate when you ask for chocolate. Christmas markets are just a very easy and fun way to fill in the time between sites you want to visit. When we were in Paris after we saw the Eiffel Tower we walked around the Christmas market until we wanted to eat. I honestly had a hard time envisioning what my friends and I were going to do on a Summer Europe trip because I normally spend so much time in Christmas markets.

Me (Griffin) looking at a Christmas market booth in Paris.

With Europe fading away as a possible destination for our trip we are now looking to do a road/camping trip in the U.S.A. However Corona is now messing that up as states are putting mandatory quarantines on people arriving from other states. Basically I don’t know what we are going to do but we will have a trip even if it takes a year to celebrate making it through high school.

If you are planning a trip for when Corona is over I highly suggest Europe namely Germany and Austria. Munich and Vienna are awesome destinations. — Griffin

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