How Corona is Affecting College Students Lives

Corona messed everything up: school is delayed, courses are online, and my first year college experience is probably down the drain. Maybe you can relate, maybe you want to see what your first year may be like, or maybe you just wanna know how COVID affects student life. We write about all of it and more.


Brown University, I’m in but I have to wait till Spring to start. I am a Chemistry major and an AFROTC scholarship cadet.


Georgia Tech. Haha plane go vroom. Aerospace engineering major, math is fun change my mind. “insert random The Who fact”.

Nick’s first post

Hello people. Griffin already explained what this blog is about in general, so if you want more information on the blog itself, I would refer you to the post below this one. This post will mostly be about myself. That being said: my name is Nick, and I’m a first year aerospace engineering student and…

Quarantine Hobbies

What I do when your civic duty is to stay away from everything fun. — Griffin Self-quarantine is awful, everyone knows that. So you’re looking for something to pass the time in between working, studying, and sleeping. Well, I got a couple things I have been doing lately that may inspire you to stop watching…

Planning Travel During a World Pandemic

Planning a high school graduation trip in the era of Covid — Griffin Back in the Fall of 2019 I started planning a Summer vacation with my friends. I have been to Europe 4 times before and they were all eager for me to lead them on their first journey into the cultural enrichment that…


College students that want to share the COVID university experience.

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