Mind Clutter

A little bit about my experience with clearing my mind to focus and some general advice on your personal work environment –Griffin

Every dad has an office. Even if they don’t have a job they have a place where they just work. Maybe its the garage or a studio and they just work on hobbies, but that is the purpose of the whole room. My dad has an office: a desktop, papers, folders, hard drives. It’s all there to be as efficient as possible. At least that’s what I assumed it was for streamlining work and organization. However recently I have noticed a trend with myself and my Brown classes.

As my laundry builds up, my desk gets cluttered, and my computer fills with tabs I can’t work. A cluttered dorm clutters my mind. You may have heard it before but the environment in which you work definitely has an impact on the kind of work you do. Even when my dorm is nice and tidy (by 18-year-old male standards) I don’t seem to work as productively as I should. It’s psychological. I sleep, eat, and play in my dorm; naturally, there are distractions even if its organized. This is why adults have those offices, studios, or garage space. You want to separate your work area from everything else so it is solely for focusing. At the very least you want to be in an environment you can focus without distraction. I now go to the common room on the floor to do work. Sitting down in a new work environment focuses my attention on the task at hand.

What my desk looked like 4 weeks ago lol

If you are having study problems I highly recommend trying a new environment to study in. I recommend local coffee shops with Wi-Fi or Starbucks, and of course, make sure to sit outside. While it may seem counterintuitive to study somewhere with people coming in and out, I find it turns into kind of a white noise that I enjoy having in the background. If your kind of person that needs silence to focus I suggest a park, assuming you don’t need Wi-Fi.

Of course, it’s not completely realistic for you to go out to a café or the park every time you need to work on an assignment, and in the era of COVID, it’s hard to get a spot in the library. I suggest you do what I have done recently. Clean off an area in your dorm or bedroom. Completely clear that sucker literally nothing on the desk. Then set yourself up for success and make that desk/table in your room your “office”. It’s not quite as great as literally having a designated study space but its better than nothing.

Hope that helps anyone out there struggling to focus I know those tips helped me become more productive. My work music has shifted from the Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant to Marcy Playground and The Pixies. Debaser is a bop change my mind. –Griffin

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