Brown U and ROTC pt.2

Some major changes to the Fall semester –Griffin

I made it, Brown campus. I know, I know, Griffin you’re not supposed to be there yet you’re a Freshman what the hell. Well the Air Force told Brown if they didn’t start the Freshman cadets in the Fall they would take away our scholarships. Naturally Brown, ever fearful of losing money, let us take a full course load and return to campus. There are 5 of us Air Force Freshman, 3 Army, and 1 Navy. Other than us 9 there are 5 other freshmen with extenuating circumstances that are here as well.

I am currently taking Chem 0100, Calc 3, The Art of International Relations, and Animal Behavior. I have only been through a couple of lectures so far but as far as I can tell the semester should not be insanely difficult. Calculus 3 will most likely prove to be the most difficult. All my lectures are over Zoom and for the most part they are asynchronous, meaning they aren’t live. This is pretty nice because I can view the lectures whenever I want.

In other news Brown has completely changed the timeline for on campus living. According to an email I received from the University out of 5,000 tests only 5 came back positive, and some of those positives are because of residue from being infected months ago. The phase 1, phase 2 system is thrown out. We are now on a 3 level system. Currently we are on level 1 which is limited campus activity with virtual classes. Level 2 is limited in person classes and more freedom on campus. Level 3 Is almost back to normal. I believe they decide tomorrow whether or not to make the move to level 2 within the next month. Hopefully they do because I would like to go eat on Thayer Street.

To end on a more comedic note I have met an international Chinese Communist student and another international Chinese student who is not Communist. It was interesting to hear their takes on the government and how much they conflict. Alright I have a live lecture to attend. — Griffin Smith

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