Brown U and ROTC Pt.1

A little series where I will write about the recent happenings of my experience with Brown University and AFROTC. –Griffin

I got a phone call this morning(8/17) while I was lying in bed watching Tik-Toks. It was a random number, normally I don’t answer if a name doesn’t pop up but it was a local number so I answered. I am very glad I did. It was the Col. Matthew J. Hearon Scholarship Co-Founder. I had applied earlier this year and she called to tell me I had won and received the scholarship. It’s a $5,000 check that I am extremely grateful for, it will help out with things from housing to a laptop. Because of the extenuating circumstance, they are not able to present the award to me at my High School ceremony. I now have to decide how and where I want to receive this award. I have a couple of options: meet somewhere, my school, or my house. I’ll have to ask my family where they think would be best as the presentation would be mostly for them.

In other news, Brown recently announced all undergraduate in-person classes are cancelled and no one will be returning to campus. This decision comes after a few weeks of Rhode Island COVID cases rising. There are a few exceptions to this and they are reassessing on 9/11, so hopefully, the campus will be considered safe for undergraduates to return by then.

I have recently been shopping for a laptop for college. I want a laptop that will last me through medical school so I am shopping pretty hard for it. The three best I have found is The Surface Book 3, Dell XPS Touch, and the Alienware M15 R3. Each one has just one little downside that makes me think its not my 8-year computer. The Surface Book has an older processor and lacks 4k. The Dell has a worse graphics card. The Alienware is very heavy for a laptop and is less reliable. I believe I am going to go with the Dell XPS because I think the graphics card is the least important part of my college work computer, even if I do plan on gaming with it a little. — Griffin

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