Creative Problem Solving

My thoughts on creative problem solving and some problem solving I have been up to lately. –Griffin

People don’t think about it much but we problem solve on a daily basis. While most problems are quite rudimentary it is an important skill to have. Everyone enjoys problem solving, but not everyone enjoys the same problems. Artists enjoy picking the correct medium or paint, engineers enjoy critical thinking, and athletes find happiness in the split second decision making involved in a play. Everyone is a problem solver, and if you want to be a good problem solver you have to be creative. How does one solve a problem if the solution is not immediately obvious? You have to create a solution, hence creativity.

I have recently been working on building a modded Minecraft server. I know a little out of style now but I thought it would be a good time with some friends. I spent roughly 3 hours on the 15th then about 1 or 2 hours a day everyday since then troubleshooting with no progress! What started out as a fun little experiment has turned into a massive project of research and configuration. I consider myself an efficient problem solver so to work that long with no results has driven me even further. Despite the frustration i actually enjoy troubleshooting the server. I look forward to going to my computer and figuring out why it continually crashes, weird as that may be. However I’m certain just as I find it enjoyable to watch code crash on my computer you enjoy something frustrating as well, because you are a problem solver.

Short one today I have been busy with Brown and college related stuff. Thanks for reading. –Griffin

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