Nick’s first post

Hello people.

Griffin already explained what this blog is about in general, so if you want more information on the blog itself, I would refer you to the post below this one. This post will mostly be about myself.

That being said: my name is Nick, and I’m a first year aerospace engineering student and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). My immediate goal is to work for either NASA or SpaceX as an engineer, but it’s my dream to be an astronaut. I spent my high school years enjoying a few hobbies such as tennis, flying RC planes and drones, and model building. I’ve also done a substantial amount of flight training toward my Private Pilot’s Licence. I took my first solo flight last November, and I would certainly have my Licence right now if it wasn’t for Corona virus stopping my training in it’s tracks. High school is also when I met Griffin and Nathaniel. I believe they met each other a few years ago through JROTC at our high school and became pretty good friends. I only met them last year, at the beginning of my senior year, but since then we’ve become a pretty tight trio.

So what am I doing at Georgia Tech? Well, like I said, I want to be an astronaut. I have since I was 8 years old. There are two main paths to becoming an astronaut: Military fighter pilot with 1500 hours in high performance jet aircraft, or have a degree in a STEM field with 3 or more years of related experience. You may be confused at this point to find that I chose the second option. While I’ve found out first hand that flying planes is a lot of fun, it’s just not what I want to do with my life every day for the foreseeable future. No one likes airplanes more than I do, just ask anyone from my school. But what I really love to do is build things. I love to solve complex problems and challenge myself in different ways, and that’s just not something I get from flying. At the end of the day, a career as a pilot ends up being pretty much the same thing day in and day out. Engineering is much more my speed. I know that i love to design things, I always have. The thought of getting paid six figures a year to design things that go into space excites me to no end. And that’s why I’m pursuing the second option.

Once I came to that decision, I set my sights on the best engineering school in the world: MIT. And despite having the necessary test scores and what I personally think are some pretty unique extra-curriculars, I was rejected. So I enrolled at what is agreed to be the second best school in the word for aerospace engineering: Georgia Tech. And that’s where I am today, and I’m pretty happy about my decision. It’ll take me 5 years to graduate instead of 4, because I’ll be doing the Co-op program. Griffin and Nathaniel are both using the military to pay for their school, and if you ask them, they’ll tell you they’re going for free. But it’s not free. When Nathaniel graduates, the Navy owns his ass for 5 years and the Airforce owns Griffin’s ass for 8. So they pay with their time instead of money, which is great for them since that’s what they wanted to do. But I wasn’t willing to make such a commitment. Instead, I’m doing the Co-op program at Georgia Tech to make up for the gap between the financial aid Georgia Tech gave me and what my family had saved for me. It will take me a bit longer to graduate, but I’ll make a decent amount of money and gain actual work experience before I even graduate.

So that’s basically where I’m at going into my first year at Tech. All but one of my classes will be online, so I’ll probably be doing all kinds of clubs and activities to be able to meet people and keep myself entertained. That’s probably what the next post will be about. I move in in 4 days. Wish me luck!

– Nick

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