First Post

What the Blog is and why? –Griffin

I don’t leave for college for 5 more months. Everyone else is gone or leaving, it’s a really strange feeling. This blog is being made for a number of reasons but primarily to keep myself, Nick, and Nathaniel together over such a long distance. They are great guys and I’m sure they will have great posts and stories to tell on here. We all graduated high school this year, we are Corona graduates.

Prestigious Universities

Every hard working high school kid’s dream right? The three of us got it Ivy League, Military Academy, and one of the best tech schools in the world. Then Corona came and took our first year experience. Nathaniel is grinding Plebe Summer right now at the academy but it was delayed and shortened. Nick is on his way to Georgia Tech as I write this but he has nearly all online classes. Then there’s me, sitting around waiting for January to go to school.

So posts are gonna be about college stuff. Yes but actually no. I’m sure a lot of our posts will be about college or related to college, however I plan on writing a lot about hobbies or other things completely unrelated to college. I play board games, video games, golf. I have traveled to different parts of the world. I have a lot of experiences and interests I want to share in hopes of simply entertaining or broadening your mind.

Who am I hoping you the reader are? Well, I am obviously targeting college students and to some degree high school upper class men. However I hope you are entertained or intrigued whether you are a college freshman like me or a 50 year old senior executive. To be honest this blog is to help improve my writing skills more than anything while getting to share some stories and connect with other people like me.

I plan on writing on this blog roughly 2-3 times a week until I go to Brown. Depending on the popularity of this blog once I am there I will adjust the frequency of posts. I don’t know the frequency of Nick or Nathaniel’s posts as they are already at their respective schools and will have to find the time to post. I hope to write posts that are mainly entertaining but should also be interesting or thought provoking. By January I hope to have a small group of consistent readers/viewers about 25+ people. That would be a signal that we should continue this blog.

Alright that’s the jist of it.

First post done. — Griffin

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